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Tarralyn’s Heart

My story for the past two years has been one of singing constantly, trying to hash out melodies, working with amazing musicians and embarking on a whole new chapter in my life. My time has been spent trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It has brought about self-discovery; learning that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but experiencing that cliché in a very real way. I have been on an amazing journey writing and singing what’s in my heart.

My new music is really my heart singing. I am writing songs of belief and of encouragement. They tell the story of one’s journey to a place called “somewhere.” “Somewhere” could be whatever a person desires or is in the process of achieving; as long as you believe anything can happen. One of my new songs is called “Believe.” It’s a song of hope and real meaning for anyone who is dealing with life’s situations. I wrote this song because I know what it is to struggle and how hard it is to believe, but I also understand and have experienced the power of just “Believing.”

I am so excited about my new other adventure which is working on a new album which includes a song called “LOVE”.  This is a song that can be enjoyed by anyone who’s ever experienced real love. It speaks about how you meet that someone special after being doubtful about love, perhaps even “done with love.” But then you meet that special someone who makes you believe in love again. It’s such a sweet song.

I’m just loving the creative process of writing what’s in my heart, and that isn’t right or wrong, just plain honest creativity. If you wanted to peak into my diary, I would say that this new music is as close to that as you get. ;)

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.
— Tarralyn Ramsey

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